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Vanier Park dock upgrade

Vanier Park boating facility and False Creek

The Vancouver Park Board replaced the east dock in Vanier Park's boating facilities in fall 2015 to meet the needs of recreational users and emergency responders.

We're replaced the dock because it was:

  • Old and deteriorated
  • Heavily used by people who use canoes, kayaks, dinghies, rowboats, and sailboats
  • Inefficient for when police respond to medical emergencies on the water

Marine structural engineering consulting firm Worley Parsons designed and oversaw the phased construction.

Recent developments with this project

Dock opens

October 24, 2015 - The new dock opens.

Open house on March 28

March 18, 2015 – Drop by an open house to see detailed designs for the dock and shoreline protection. Speak with Park Board staff and the consulting engineer, and have your say. Get the details:

Open house information displays

March 2015 open house

Project details


Through our consultant, we will:

  1. Replace the east dock
  2. Improve the west dock
  3. Improve the east boat launch
  4. Enhance the protection of the shoreline




Key dates

Date  Event 
June 2015  East dock replaced 
Summer 2015  East boat launch upgraded 

Work leading up to this project

In July 2014, we replaced the west dock at Vanier Park's boating facilities with wooden floating dock and steel piles (see photo below). The new dock and its ramp can launch boats up to 26 feet on trailers.

Funding to replace the east dock comes from the Park Board's 2015-2018 Capital Plan. When we did public consultation for the capital plan, we heard from the non-motorized boating community that it was important to repair and improve our boating facilities.

Upgrading the boating facilities helps us operate well-managed infrastructure that's built right, built to last, and easy to care for – today and tomorrow. This goal aligns to a Park Board Strategic Plan direction: excellence in resource management.

West dock and motorized boat launch at Vanier Park's boating facilities


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