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Southwest Marine Drive (Granville to Camosun) transportation, streets, and sewer main upgrades

People cycling and driving private motor vehicles on SW Marine Drive
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We're undertaking routine upgrades and enhancing transportation safety for all modes of travel along this route from Granville St to Camosun St. Work includes road rehabilitation, sewer separation, and multi-modal transportation improvements to ensure comfort and safety for people of all ages and abilities. 

Project details


  • SW Marine Drive (Granville Street to Camosun Street)

Expected duration

  • Phase 1: May to September 2016 – complete
  • Phase 2: May to September 2017

Hours of work

  • Monday to Friday: 7:00am to 5:30pm
  • Weekends as needed


  • Reopened! We will return for Phase 2 the first week of May 2017.

How this project will improve the city

Increase the capacity of SW Marine Drive as part of the Major Road Network

The Major Road Network External website is made up of approximately 600km of roads across the Lower Mainland that facilitate the efficient movement of goods and people by connecting the provincial highway system with local streets. Upgrades will allow this portion of the network to continue its role as part of goods movement to and from South Vancouver and UBC.

Upgrade sewer main infrastructure

Once replaced, the pipes are expected to serve the neighbourhood for 100 years.

Enhance the safety of people driving, walking, and cycling

We'll be upgrading the existing bike lane along this route to meet current best practices and safety codes.

Learn more about the bikeway improvements

How this project may affect you

This project requires a full closure of SW Marine Drive from Granville Street to Camosun Street.

  • Local traffic will be maintained
  • Truck traffic will be routed to W 41st Avenue
  • Through traffic will be rerouted locally

Left turn at East Boulevard restricted

  • The left turn bay at East Boulevard and W 41st has been temporarily removed to help facilitate the rerouted 49 buses to turn southbound onto East Boulevard from W 41st.
  • Left turns are still permitted from the middle lane.
  • The left turn will be reinstated once SW Marine Drive is reopened and the 49 bus can return to its normal route.

Access to residences and businesses

Access to residences and businesses will be maintained at all times. Sidewalks and crosswalks will generally be maintained during construction.

Residents and businesses can request a vehicle decal to access the area


Parking restrictions will shift as needed to accommodate construction activity, and regulations may be temporarily changed on adjacent streets. In general, on-street parking in construction areas is not permitted from 7:30am to 5:30pm.

Note Check signs for up-to-date regulations.

Water supply

We will provide advance notice of any disruption to your water supply, except if there is an emergency. During construction, you may occasionally notice cloudy water. This cloudiness is not a health concern and will usually go away within a few hours.

Get help with water quality and water pressure problems

City contact

Aadil Patel
Community Liaison
Phone: 604-379-9683


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