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Gastown Complete Streets

Gastown’s streets are in need of major rehabilitation. 

We have an important opportunity to work with people who live, visit, work, and commute through Gastown to consider the future of the area and create a plan for the streets and transportation network.

What's happening

Over the summer and fall, we will have conversations on Gastown’s streets to learn more about how people move around and experience the area. 

In October, there will be a kick-off event with walking tours and a workshop to identify a vision for Gastown’s streets.

Study area

Gastown Complete Street study area map

Project goals

To begin the planning process, we will develop a transportation plan for Gastown.

Building from the Transportation 2040 and Downtown Eastside Community Plan  (21.22 MB), we have identified four goals for this plan:

  • Celebrate and acknowledge Gastown’s complex history and work towards reconciliation
  • Explore Vancouver’s first car-light or pedestrian priority area
  • Address a major gap in the all ages and abilities cycling network 
  • Enhance transit service for bus and future streetcar

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Here is our progress and planned milestones.

  • We are here
  • 2017-2018

    Phase 1: Transportation area plan

    Talk to people about how they use Gastown streets to create a public vision for the area and lay out a plan for the street network

  • Date to be determined

    Phase 2: Street design

    Work with the public to develop a design for Gastown’s streets

  • Date to be determined

    Phase 3: Construction and implementation

    Make a plan for construction and involve the community in implementation


Gastown is a special place. It is within the territory of the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh Nations and it is the birthplace of Vancouver.

It is a beloved destination for thousands of locals and visitors every year, and it is a diverse, mixed-income neighbourhood.

It has also been at the centre of many of the city’s defining moments:

  • The Great Fire of 1886 when members of the Squamish nation paddled across the Burrard inlet to rescue residents
  • Neighbourhood protests in the 1960s over plans to build a freeway into the city
  • The riot in 1971 between hippies and the police

We aim to create a transportation area plan that acknowledges and respects the complex history of Gastown’s streets.