Book Award shortlists from past years

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2017 short list

The 2017 shortlist recognizes books of any genre that demonstrate excellence in content, illustration, design, and reflect Vancouver’s unique character, rich diversity, culture, and history.

The role of connection and healing take center stage in the four finalists for the Book Award. They explore the great mysteries of what it means to belong to land, community, self, and place.

2016 short list

The 2016 shortlist is an eclectic collection that includes a non-fiction memoir, a book of poetry, and an art exhibition catalogue. Each book reveals the complicated vision of a city coming to terms with its past and a desire to better itself.

2015 short list

The 2015 shortlist covers a range of genres: non-fiction, short stories, poetry, and a children's book. The short-listed books create a street-level walk through our city to amplify our pride and understanding of the flawed and beautiful, young but wise city we inhabit.

2014 short list

The books on the 2014 shortlist cover a range of genres: fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry, and biography, with each book offering original perspectives on Vancouver’s diversity.

2013 short list

A memoir, two books of poetry, and two non-fiction works, all of which reflect Vancouver's rich history and culture, were selected as finalists for the 2013 City of Vancouver Book Award. The 2013 short list comes from a diverse list of publishers and each book illuminates various aspects of the city and its boundaries.

2012 short list

The 2012 short list is dominated by books from independent presses, with writing from, about, around, and through Vancouver's literary, cultural, and geographic margins. The list celebrates the creative impulse of emerging and established writers and historic and contemporary icons who helped shape Vancouver's diverse cultural and creative communities. It embraces the examination of dark confrontations and entrenched racism in our collective history.


2011 short list

The 2011 short list reveals Vancouver’s history of diversity. While one book reveals the struggles of the Italian immigrant experience, another provides insight into diverse characters from the Downtown Eastside. The third book examines black history and culture in Vancouver, and the fourth portrays Vancouver’s history through a range of children’s perspectives.


2010 short list

2009 short list