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Vancouver's Playbook: a plan for the future of our parks and recreation

The Vancouver Park Board is developing Vancouver’s Playbook, a new plan to guide how we create vibrant, parks and recreation over the next 25 years

Vancouver is home to world-class parks and recreation, and our population is growing and changing.

It’s essential we look to the future and protect and improve parks and recreation across the city.  

We're launching VanPlay, a year-long conversation with you, our staff, partners, stakeholders, and experts to make this the best plan it can be.

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What's important to you? What’s missing? How would you make our parks and recreation even more accessible and enjoyable for all? 

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About Vancouver's playbook

By City of Vancouver

When complete, our playbook will provide a 100-year vision, 25-year outlook, and 10-year implementation strategy to guide the development and renewal of parks and recreation facilities. Here are six key themes we'll address.

  • Innovation and vision

    By City of Vancouver

    The impact trends like climate change, redevelopment, and sustainability initiatives have on Vancouver’s parks and recreation now and into the future.

  • Resilience and wellbeing

    By City of Vancouver

    The role equitable access to parks and recreation play in making Vancouver more resilient to broad issues of social justice, social isolation, and disasters.

  • Places and access

    By City of Vancouver

    The importance of place-making and building a network of parks, open space, and cultural destinations in connection with active modes of transportation like walking and cycling.

  • Recreation and community

    By City of Vancouver

    How recreation like art, music, sport, fitness, hiking, cycling, and play are vital activities that enliven Vancouver's community.

  • Celebration and tourism

    By City of Vancouver

    The role parks and recreation play in sport hosting, public art, tourism, events, education, and celebration of Vancouver's diverse communities.

  • Ecology and nature

    By City of Vancouver

    The connection Vancouver’s parks, urban forests, and beaches play in providing access to nature and the opportunities for re-wilding, environmental education, and enhanced stewardship of nature.


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Follow our progress

  1. May – Aug 2017 Discovery
  2. Sep – Nov 2017Direction: Urban core
  3. Jan – Mar 2018 Direction: city-wide
    and growth areas
  4. May – June 2018 Draft plan and celebrate


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