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Jericho Beach

The restored area of Jericho Park brings nature back to the shoreline

Due to the condition of the Jericho Marginal Wharf facility at Jericho Beach Park, the wharf was in need of repair or demolition.

The Jericho Beach restoration project was approved to remove the wharf and return the beach to its natural state.

June 2013

The Jericho Beach Restoration Project was completed April 4 and the beautiful beach and upland forest have been returned to nature. A celebration of the completion will be held June 19. Everyone is invited to attend!

View of the restored Jericho Beach

February 2013

The Jericho Beach Restoration Project is now mostly complete. The construction fences are down and the restored beach, new pathways and viewpoint are now open.



November 2012

Completed work: growing medium installation, rough landscaping and foreshore protection

Upcoming work: seeding, planting, habitat installation and lookout deck installation

Jericho Beach plantings  Jericho Beach riparian plantings

Jericho Beach habitat snag  Park Board workers planting on Jericho Beach

July 2012

Completed work: beach cleaning, Stockpile material removal, forage fish habitat enhancement

Upcoming work: foreshore protection, grading and pathway installation 

June 2012

The boulders and logs at the stockpile area has been removed successfully. The work was completed using an excavator with a thumb attachment that ensured precise and careful removal of each object. Park Board staff, a registered Professional Biologist, and volunteers from the Rabbit Advocacy Group were on site to assist with spotting and relocating rabbits.

Jericho Marginal Wharf excavator June 2011 - 1  Jericho Marginal Wharf excavator June 2011 - 2

Two rabbits, observed at the boulder pile, have relocated to the surrounding parklands. One rabbit family has been relocated to surrounding parklands with the help of the Rabbit Advocacy Group.

Rabbit den fount during Jericho Wharf Demolition  Rabbits at Jericho Wharf in Vancouver  Rabbit from Jericho Wharf 

May 2012

The Park Board cares very much about wildlife and the environment. The goals of this project are to see: less lawn, more habitat diversity, and restoration with native plant communities (beach grasses, riparian forest, meadow and shrub thickets). The upland restoration will create a well-connected native plant habitat transitioning from the water’s edge of the restored beach to the woodland forest:.

Construction update

Phase 2 of project is about to begin. This summer, you can expect to see the following construction activities on site:

  • installation of temporary pathways, signage
  • and site fencing
  • removal of the stockpile and its reinstatement for the folk festival
  • large machinery and soil amendment
  • foreshore protection and beach cleanup
  • site grading and landscaping
  • installation of a lookout deck and salvaged railings
  • invasive plant removal, new trees and native plantings in the fall


This project is in keeping with the “Access to Nature” and “Zero Waste” goals of the Greenest City 2020 Action Plan and the Park Board’s “Healthy Ecosystems” strategic goal.

Project timeline

Installation of the temporary detour pathways and signs will begin in May 2012. Construction is anticipated to begin in June 2012 with completion targeted for December 2012.

April 2012

Shrub removal. No manicured grass lawns, picnic tables or buildings are proposed for this area.

On 18 April 2012, a meeting was held with interest groups in Jericho Park to address concerns about invasive blackberry bush and shrub removal work at Jericho Park. Attendees included representatives from the North West Point Grey Residents Association (local residents), rabbit advocacy groups, bird and wildlife advocacy groups, and the Jericho Stewardship Group. Because of concerns about the approaching peak nesting season for birds and rabbits, the remainder of the work in this area will be postponed until the beginning of September when nesting season is over.

The work done to date will need to be completed by hand tools and there will be possible removal of tansy plants, if they are not providing food or shelter for wildlife, and the careful relocation of trees to be saved. The final goal of restoring native habitat in this area has been supported by a majority of residents and remains unchanged.

A portion of invasive blackberry bushes and other shrubs have been carefully removed with mowers and hand tools to accommodate fall planting of the area with native plants. The work completed to date has been executed slowly with mowers and hand tools under the supervision of the biologist, to ensure that no harm has come to wildlife. Bulldozers have not been used to remove the shrubs. The existing rabbit warren area is protected and the ground is not being disturbed at this time. Approximately 0.6 ha (20%) of blackberries out of the total 4.2 ha of habitat are being cleared by staff, 3.6 ha (80%) will remain as shown in the image.

Jericho Marginal Wharf Demolition blackberry plant remaining

Construction of the approved concept plan is scheduled to start in June. This includes fencing the area, removing the soil stockpile, pedestrian paths, grading, drainage and natural landscaping work. Removal of the shrubs in the restoration area will resume in September 2012 after the nesting season. The area will be replanted with native shrubs (thimbleberry, salmonberry, Indian plum and nootka rose) and grasses this fall.

March 2012

Drainage works at the foreshore currently underway by Park Board operations crew. Work is tide dependent and will complete in Summer 2012.

January 2012

The Board approves the concept plan for phase 2 of the Jericho Beach Restoration Project.

November 2011

The Park Board is hosting a third open house to share information about the demolition process and related habitat improvements. We have revised the concept plan for phase 2 based on input received from the open house in May. We hope to adopt a final concept plan.

October 27, 2011

Phase 1 (demolition & beach restoration) is now complete! Open houses about phase 2 upland restoration will begin soon.

October 24, 2011

Vancouver Pile Driving will be undertaking construction work with excavators at the beach foreshore below elevation 2.7m (chart datum) to complete beach restoration. Grading and beach restoration activities are 10% complete.

October 1, 2011

The new beach at the Jericho Marginal Wharf site presents a unique opportunity for increasing forage fish habitat. The Park Board will be incorporating 5mm rounded rock with beach sand to create a porous and aerated substrate that forage fish need for spawning. Additionally, the 5mm rounded rock will help improve beach stability.

Removal of existing Lion's Gate bridge railing, concrete slab, laminate decking and pile caps, and timber piles is complete. Grading and beach restoration activities are starting.

September 2011

The Park Board removed creosote laminate, pile camps, and piles. The handling of this material was in compliance with WorkSafeBC regulations. The Park Board arranged for independent air quality testing for creosote and the results can be found in Creosote monitoring consultant report on the documents tab. WorkSafeBC reviewed the work methodology and found that it is following acceptable practices and does not present exposure hazard risk to involved workers or other persons in the area.  

Input received from the public at two open houses in the spring of 2011 showed a clear majority of support from residents for the restoration of a natural shoreline and beach at this location. The design requires the removal of at least five cottonwood trees concurrently with demolition of the marginal wharf. For more information, see the Tree Removal and Relocation Plan on the documents tab. 

The Park Board is working with a Registered Professional Biologist and Certified Arborists on the project. There were no eagle nests in these trees and the removed trees will be replaced three-fold in the future foreshore restoration. The upland restoration plans that include tree replacement details will be finalized later this year through additional community consultations.

July 2011

Phase 1: Demolition has been awarded to Vancouver Pile Driving. The work is expected to begin in early August 2011 with completion of Phase 1 targeted for fall 2011.

June 2011

Tender documents for Phase 1: Demolition have been sent out to four short listed construction companies: Fraser River Pile & Dredge, Pacific Industrial and Marine, Ruskin Construction,Vancouver Pile Driving.

May 2011

The Park Board and the consulting team have revised the plan and details for the area. This concept plan was presented at Open House #2 on 18 May 2011 with over 70 residents in attendance. If supported, staff will request approval of this concept plan from the Park Board. The priority going forward will be removal of the wall, and naturalization of the beach and shoreline, in a phased approach in keeping with the available budget. Historical interpretation will be included.

April 2011

The Park Board received more than 530 written responses about the new concept plans for the Jericho Park Marginal Wharf area restoration project following the Open House on 12 April  2011. An overwhelming majority of residents support natural beach and shoreline restoration, and removal of the sea wall that is presently located behind the marginal wharf in particular.

Public engagement

Review the information boards we showed at open houses:

Jericho Wharf Tree Plan

Jericho Wharf Creosote Monitoring Report

Project type

  • Facility improvement/upgrade 

Project status

  • Phase 2 Construction

Expected completion

  • Winter 2012 


  • $1.4 million (2009-2011 Capital Plan)
  • $550,000 (2012-2014 Capital Plan) 

 Approved concept plan for Jericho Wharf Demolition project in Vancouver

Key dates

Date  Event 
March 2008   Public open house  
March - May 2008   Online Survey  
July 2008   Plan approved by Park Board
March 2009   The Board approves a facilitated consultation process  
November 2010   The Board approves the demolition and removal of the Jericho Marginal Wharf for reasons of public safety and ecological restoration. 
12 April 2011   Public Open House looking at concept designs  
18 May 2011   Public Open House of revised concept plan (natural beach) 
July 2011   Demolition of Wharf  
7 December 2011   Public Open House of revised phase 2 concept plan 
30 January 2012   The Board approves the concept plan for phase 2 of the Jericho Beach Restoration project 

The Jericho Marginal Wharf facility, located at Jericho Beach, is owned and operated by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation.

Previous condition survey reports from January 2002 and September 2005 determined that the Jericho Beach Wharf is nearing the end of its service life and a comprehensive repair and/or replacement program is required to maintain public safety. Of specific concern is the condition of many of the bearing piles. Due to advanced mechanical damage and fungal decay, many of the piles are no longer serviceable and require rehabilitation in the near future.

The 160m long x 40m wide marginal wharf consists of a 200mm thick laminated timber deck with a 150mm concrete slab supported on treated pilecaps and piles.

At an Open House held 12 March 2008, the Vancouver Park Board reviewed the four options for the demolition and/or rehabilitation of Jericho Wharf and, at the 7 July 2008 Board Meeting, a concept plan for the Jericho Wharf was approved. The plan called for the demolition of most of the wharf, while retaining a small portion of the deck and railings for historic purposes, and restoration of the natural beach and park foreshore.

In response to continued public interest in exploring alternatives, in March 2009, the Board approved a facilitated consultation process with an interested group of representatives, which was undertaken in November 2009. On 15 November 2010 , the Board approved the demolition and removal of the Jericho Marginal Wharf for reasons of public safety and ecological restoration.

Community Participation

  • March 2008 - Open house to review concept plan proposals.
  • February 2009 - The Planning and Environment Committee asks that staff bring forward a report outlining a more extensive public consultation program with respect to Jericho Marginal Wharf.
  • March 2009 The Board approves a facilitated consultation process.
  • 12 April 2011 - Open house
  • 18 May 2011 - Open house
  • 7 December 2011 - Open house


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