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Taylor manor is a three-storey Tudor revival style building at Boundary and Adenac in Vancouver

Archived - Jul 29Historic Taylor Manor proposed for new supportive housing project

Up to 56 homeless individuals with mental illness will have new supportive housing at Taylor Manor through a project proposed today by the City of Vancouver and Streetohome Foundation to renew the heritage facility on Boundary Road at Adanac St.

english bay

Archived - Jul 25City adopts comprehensive climate change adaptation strategy

City of Vancouver adopts comprehensive climate change adaptation strategy.

Civic Merit Award from the City of Vancouver

Archived - Jul 13Chinese-Canadian opera musician honoured with Civic Merit Award

An internationally recognized Cantonese opera musician is the latest recipient of the City of Vancouver’s Civic Merit Award.

Velo-City Global conference: Creating cycling-friendly cities

Archived - Jun 29Velo-City Global conference: Creating cycling-friendly cities

Velo-City Global — a conference for those committed to creating cycling-friendly cities and sharing best practices from around the world.

Building community

Archived - Jun 20City to host first-ever Vancouver Healthy City summit

The Healthy City Strategy focuses on three key areas:Taking care of the basics, promoting inclusion, belonging and connectedness, and ensuring liveability now and into the future.

View of downtown

Archived - Jun 18City invites public input on Vancouver’s future transportation plan

The City of Vancouver is asking the public for their comments on proposed transportation policies and actions as the Transportation 2040 public consultation moves into Phase 2.

Dancehouse performs Grupo Corpo's Breu and Parabelo

Archived - Jun 08Arts and Culture Policy Council launched

The City of Vancouver is now home to an Arts and Culture Policy Council which will advise City Council on civic programs relating to arts and culture. The creation of the council was announced back in February, but last week members of the council were announced.

Community Garden at City Hall

Archived - Jun 06Community gardens growing at record pace across the city

Last year was a record year for new community gardens in Vancouver, with the City announcing that 405 new garden plots were created in Vancouver in 2011.

Homelessness and housing

Archived - May 29Latest homeless count figures show numbers holding steady

The number of homeless in Vancouver is holding steady, according to a report received by City Council today outlining the results of the March 27 City of Vancouver count.


Archived - May 14Celebrate Vancouver’s fine tap water during Drinking Water Week

Celebrate Vancouver’s fine tap water during Drinking Water Week 2012.

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