A five-storey apartment building on a tree-lined residential street in Oakridge

Cambie Corridor Planning Program: Phase 3 - Draft plan directions

The draft plan directions for Cambie Corridor Phase 3 propose policy on these topics:

  1. Housing: Provide diverse housing options with a focus on housing affordability
  2. Areas proposed for change: Clarify the land uses and scale of development we'll consider over the long-term
  3. Transportation: Allow for continued growth and improve safety for all road users
  4. Parks and open space: Add and improve park space to meet the needs of current and future residents
  5. Community well-being: Add and renew community amenities like recreation facilities, childcare spaces, and seniors services
  6. The Unique Sites: Help create diverse housing options, local amenities, and increased neighbourhood vibrancy on 10 large sites
  7. Oakridge Municipal Town Centre concepts and ideas: Explore how the area can provide a range of housing forms that meet the housing and affordability needs of Vancouver’s diverse population

We created the directions from our technical analysis and community input.

View the directions in our information boards