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Zero Waste Vancouver

We have an ambitious goal to become a zero waste community by 2040 and we can't get there alone

We all make decisions every day that impact how much garbage we produce – and our landfill is living proof of our decisions about waste.

What is zero waste?

As both a philosophy and a goal, zero waste aims to reduce and ultimately eliminate garbage.

Building a zero waste community

For Vancouver to become a zero waste community, we need to:

  • Think about our waste differently
  • Reduce and eliminate waste through our:
    • Lifestyle choices and behaviours
    • Business practices
    • Community stewardship
    • Innovations in public policy
    • Recycling and recovery programs
  • Develop and implement a zero waste strategy

Why zero waste

A zero waste community benefits everyone in our growing city. Learn how.

Getting to zero waste

Learn about how we are planning over the long term for a zero waste community.

Get involved

We can't get to zero waste alone – share your ideas, participate, and find out how to get involved.

Why zero wasteGetting to zero wasteGet involved